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Publications indicate as fact, the development, and deployment, of so called non-lethal weapons, or technologies, as well as remote behavioral influence, mood control, all of which could be termed as mind control, the actual definintion given to CIA and military research in the decades after World War II. Early methods researched by the military and CIA are well documented, and did include radio frequency, as well as other energy based methods. Today the term non-lethal weapons, includes psychotechnologies that use the EM field (electromagnetic field), pulsed microwave signles, as well as extreemly low frequency, to alter moods, or utilize EEG remote scanning for a vast array of effects (c. Richard Alan Miller).  

In the area of non-lethal weapons technologies, or behavioral psychotechnologies, there are more than 200 books, ranging in dates earlier than 1960, and up to the present, and consisting of titles that include Electromagnetic Fields and Neurobehavioral Functioning (1988), Psychiatry and the CIA (1990), Silent Pulse (1981), and subtitles that include The True Story of Government Research into the Military Potential of Psychic Weapons (1984, ISBN 0-312-65231-3).   I have posted such a bibliography in the Notes Page linked or click right here).

The authorships of these titles range from research scientists to military researchers, journalists investigating breaches of ethics by medical doctors, the military and the CIA, to actual psychiatrists and medical doctors and researchers. With such a compilation of authors, titles, research documentations, as well as accounts of misconduct by the military and the CIA in areas greatly under-reported by a media with hands tied by the Pentagon, one must find the words of writers such as Colin A. Ross, MD (1), who states that it is highly likely that the testing of nonlethal weapons technologies, by intelligence and the military, uses or ‘includes’ unwitting civilians, freightening, and a warrent for investigations by United States representatives and congressional leaders, as well as the FBI,  and law enforcement in general. 

Colin A. Ross, MD, reveals misconduct and CIA abuses, over decades, and alludes to continued abuses involving unwitting civilians.  Dr. Nick Begich, reveals technologies and capabilities now in hands of military and private contractors. Logical conclusions can be made from the work of these two writers, as well as others (a), regarding the uses, or more correctly, misuses, of these technologies.  

Firstly, concerning the misconduct of the military and intelligence community, Colin A. Ross, MD,  has compiled information based on factual evidence (US FOIA) of decades of misconduct, sponsored and promoted through CIA and Military research money provided to medical and psychiatric institutions, universities, and individual doctors. Take also, into account the titles and information in the more than 200 books listed in the bibliography (a) linked to below, a logical conclusion can be made, concerning current experimental uses of the technologies herein referred to.  The US, through the CIA, private contractors, and the military, has deployed, and is testing such weapons, or technologies, on unwitting civilians.

Another logical conclusion is that it represents a ‘carry over’ from the behavioral experiments (mind control) well documented since Senate hearing of ‘75 and 77 (2.), inwhich a variety of techniques were researched using nonconsentual experimental subjects. Such research dates earlier than 1960s, in which the CIA money went to operations in major hospitals and universities, and did include such research work as Jose Delgado’s brain electrode implants(*), and experiments using remote delivered frequency to alter consciousness and behavior in living systems, including human subjects. The very ethics involved in such testing does, and did, go against the Nuremberg Code (**), concerning ‘directives for human research’. Research, according to many authors, as well as this writer, is ongoing, and fact, and does include gross ethical violations, corrpution at all levels of American society, and the use of civilians within the population.

The outragous capabilities that are now in the hands of private contractors and the US military, have been pointedly highlighted in much of Dr. Nick Begich’s research and writing Dr. Nick Begich (***), a writer and researcher, son of the disappeared Alaskan Congressman, has written extensively on what he has been able to discover concerning technologies that are able to enhance the functioning of the human mind. Dr. Nick Begich has discovered in his research that the military and intelligence has long researched these technologies, and unfortunately, much within classified class of technologies exists, that have been researched in ways that interfere negatively with human neurology and physiology, mental functioning, and organ function. A large part of his findings focus on the outragous capabilities that are now in the hands of private contractors and the US military (includes the CIA, DOD, DARPA, and the Pentagon). These capabilities are the methods being used today, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, to commit gross human rights violations, and criminal atrocities. How could such exercises exist, and be funded? 

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